Dr Lu shares his opinion about body weight management

Excess body weight is harmful

Many people in this country are overweight or obese. It is no fun to have excess weight. Excess weight means overweight or even obesity which is linked to myriad health conditions including metabolic disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and many others. So body weight control is a necessity not an option.

How could you get rid of obesity or excess weight, particularly, belly fat?

You might have tried many methods to lose body weight, but few work for you

You might have tried many times now to lose some weight over the years. In the end, you might have come to an conclusion that weight loss is not easy as many individuals and organizations claim. You might have given up and to such a point you have decided to take drastic measure to deal with your excess weight once for all with invasive surgery?

Dr. Lu’s method is unique

Don’t give up on yourselves yet. Dr Lu’s method may help you. Unlike many individuals out there who claim they can help you, Dr. Lu has a unique background and thus he is able to come up with a unique solution.

Dr. Lu’s background

He is a veteran industrial food chemist by trade. Dr. Lu received his education in foo d science, chemistry, microbiology, and engineering from a few universities including a terminal degree from Rutgers. All things together make him capable of thinking, learning and creating stuff. Food safety and how diet affects human health are his lifetime passion and he has come to grasp all essential knowledge to secure his own health which can be readily used to help us. He has not visited any physicians ever since he started taking care of himself 2o years ago.

Dr. Lu’s interest

The following are his focuses:

How to use modified lifestyle and diet to induce weight loss;
How to prevent and treat cancer using dietary therapies;
How to invigorate yourselves as a man to boost your intimate relationship following a modified diet/lifestyle;
How to prevent or reverse or relieve cardiovascular disease using a healthy diet;

But here, he is available to help you lose your excess weight with the weight loss protocol he created.

If you are interested, contact Dr. Lu @ [email protected]


All information provided is absolutely personal knowledge/opinions which may or may not be known to others. The information is for your reference only and not intended to diagnose or treatment any diseases or health conditions including overweight and obesity. The provided information does not guarantee any efficacy even though the method is based on scientific principles, personal experience, and analytical thinking and scientific reasoning.


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